Monday, June 8, 2009


We are a collaborative, interdependent Chartered Financial consulting practice.
We provide comprehensive life, financial, estate, personal, business & retirement planning.

Our specialties include:

*client centred life planning
*personal, business and estate planning
*capital risk management*business succession planning
*intergenerational estate transfer planning
*employee benefits planning
*retirement planning

We use a Broad Concept approach to the intervention, mediation and resolution of complex business succession, estate, family and personal needs and intergenerational estate transfer requests.

***Life Planning vests control in our client.
***Financial Planning vests control in the financial market.
***The Broad concept optimizes the use of both.

We move our clients from a traditional LIFESTYLE CYCLE, wherein wealth can never be built because money that comes in goes right out again to support perishable, one-time use consumption to a WEALTH CYCLE, wherein money coming in supports assets - that is, revenue-generating resources - that will generate cash flow and create wealth.

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