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We would like to help you with what it takes to retire in this chaotic financial environment. We are well prepared to do what it takes. Here is a brief outline to get you going.

First, the problem.

There are 14,000,000 boomers retiring now in Canada and 76,000,000 boomers in the US.They are retiring in distress. Most of the retirement assumptions many of us have made have been negatively impacted. For example, personal savings, intergenerational inheritances, time remaining until retirement and more recently the decimation of whatever retirement savings were in place prior to the global financial meltdown.

Product solutions follow competent financial retirement advice. They should not precede it. That is the problem we face within the industry....it is product driven. We are commited to solving it for and with you.

Second, there are not enough professionally designated, trained and highly experienced (i.e. capital growth and lifetime preservation) financial retirement practitioners to serve 90,000,000 boomers in Canada and the US.

1 Our objective is to provide you with the Best and Brightest Professional Financial Retirement practitioners in Canada.

2 We know who and where they are.

3 Prior to a financial prescription most of us need competent trustworthy financial advice.

4 Give us 5 minutes and we will give you 30 years.

We will help you answer 2 key questions:

"Will I be OK?"

"Can I retire?" - "Without running out of income?"

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All the best!

Dan Zwicker.


Our unique competitive advantage derives from our collaboratively integrative team thinking and our rigorously disciplined contract execution. We integrate the best of "either or" choices into an optimum solution. We are client centric needs focussed. It forms the basis of all our choices in the development of any solution. The final test is that our solutions serve the greater ethical good. These criteria are central to our engagement.


We are identifying and bringing our best and brightest professional practice financial advisors in Canada together in a collaborative initiative to change the financial advisor access paradigm from its past status to a contemporary real time consumer sensitive delivery alternative.

These professionally dedicated, competent and genuine individuals will be at the receiving end of real time interactive communication media including direct calls, email, text mail, conventional mail and other web based requests for answers and solutions to the fundamental question we each have about our financial future and that of those for whom we are responsible.....

"Will I be O.K.?"

These professionals will provide the answers for our boomers, their children, their parents as well those in all other sectors of our economy who have not had an opportunity to develop a long term trust relationship with a financial professional on a par with the trust relationship they have with their own personal physician. Our dedicated physicians provide us with access to the dignity we experience with good health.

Our dedicated professional financial advisors provide us with access to the dignity we experience in being financially independent. We are each entitled to experience nothing less. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to experience these benefits in our own lives and to have assisted others in achieving the same benefits in their lives for over 31 years.

The financial services sector is moving through a transition from product promotion to the delivery of impartial professional practice advice. It has been ongoing for over 12 years. We are acting as a catalyst to accelerate the process so that the benefits of the professional financial advice that we have experienced and delivered can be extended to the large demographic groups whose need for such advice can be met.

We believe that it is of vital financial importance to all Canadians that we accelerate the availability of innovative real time contemporary direct access to experienced financial services professional practitioners. If such direct access is left unresolved it will impede the retirement aspirations of 14,000,000 boomers as well as having a collateral impact on the financial retirement results of all other consumer sectors in Canada as well as an impact on the resources of tthe Government of Canada's financial resouces that may become nessary to supplement any retiement shortfalls in this very large demographic group.

We are committed to facilitating the structural market resolution of the extraordinary demand being presented by the boomers in North America to those professional practitioners and their financial institutions who are best prepared to act in the financial security interests of this unique generation and their families.


This site is dedicated to the life, unparalled achievements and memory of Mr. Ben Feldman. Ben lived his adult life in East Liverpool, Ohio His depth of understanding of the complexities of life insured financial instruments began over 65 years ago. Ben was the pre-eminent icon among advisors in the North American Life insurance industry. His understanding of the function, value and place that life insured financial instruments play in each of our financial lives was unequalled. His vision, his industry leadership, his articulation, his unmatched productivity in this field are equalled only by his unassuming behavior. He was a genuinely gentle man.

He had the strength of character to share his unique value and client needs based understanding with generations of professionals in the financial services industry.....for which we are grateful.

Ben produced more business as an individual advisor than that of entire companies. Ben Feldman (1912–1993) was an American businessman and one of the most prolific financial services practitioners in world history.
He sold $1,800,000,000 of life insurance with New York Life Insurance from 1942 until his death in 1993. His view of the assurance of the financial value of our lifetime of monetary effort follows:

"We guarantee the financial value of the time that we each expect to have in order to complete our financial plans for ourselves, our families and for our communities.

If you cannot complete your plans as a result of a seismic economic collapse, a personal loss of health or of the premature loss of life the financial capital and income value of this lost time will be guaranteed and delivered to those whose lives depend upon our efforts."

He believed it was essential to put a financial "floor" below our capital as a base below which our assets cannot be depleted for reasons beyond our personal control. He dedicated his professional life to delivering upon this deeply held view. It was his passion.

We refer to insured financial contracts as "The Third Asset Group".
No other financial instrument offers such lifetime preservation guarantees of capital and income.

There are two essentials necessary for our survival. Good personal health.....and good financial health. We believe that the assurance of good financial health ranks second only to our good personal health. We are dedicated to this view.
The life insurance contract is among the most complex financial instruments that exist. It is based upon the arcane mathematics of actuarial science and the equally complex discipline of medical science.

His genius was in his ability to simplify it. Through his unique insight he conceived, created, developed and used simple analogies which he shared unselfishly with advisors and consumers.....resulting in an unparalleled gift of understanding.


During the past 6 years the attrition of licensed advisors in the life insurance industry in the US and Canada has taken place at a rate of 34% per year (LIMRA US).

Commencing in 1996 in Ontario the identification, recruiting, education, training and lifetime professional career support in the life insurance industry in Canada effectively terminated. No new blood has been developed. Hence the alarming rate of advisor attrition.....a rate that borders on the implosion of the means to service the extraordinary boomer demographics that have now begun to need Professional Financial Retirement Planning advisory advice and support.

This phenomenon was initiated in 1996 by a profound change in the Ontario licensing legislation which applies to newly licensed life insurance advisors. The negative impact of the legislation on the growth of the Canadian life insurance industry has been dramatic.The result is that we have a fragmented advisor distribution platform throughout Canada.

The traditional bricks and mortar source of new advisor recruiting, lifetime continuing education, training and professional lifetime career support continuity has been replaced by a fragmented advisor services product distribution platform. This platform includes the use of digital interactive web based services.The impact of these events upon the intense current demands of the boomer demographic retirement needs borders on a seismic human resource supply challenge for both the financial services industry and the Government of Canada.

The demand for advisor services is heading for an all time high while the professionally career trained supply is heading in the opposite direction for an all time low. The boomers will be playing Russian financial roulette without an adequate supply of trained professional advisors.
We are committed to bringing a timely, effective, interactive, collaborative, interdependent professional practice contemporary life insurance solution to this unique confluence of global, economic, technological, ebased educational, and demographic events.

Over the past 10 years the Canadian financial services marketplace has moved from a transactional product driven service model to a professional advice relationship driven service model. The standard of high performance is being set by the extraordinary size and expectations of the boomer sector. This sector includes the boomers, their children and grandchildren all of whom are globally wired and sophisticted in their understanding and use of the net as a resource for research, education, training, real time information and communication.



We have changed the distribution paradigm to accelerate real time boomer access to contemporaries collaboratively on an interactive community web 2.0 based platform who are actively engaged in their own retiremnent planning to compare notes and to then have access upon request to the best and the brightest professional financial practitioners in Canada who are professionally qualified to assist the boomers in arriving at a specific solution to each of their unique retirement capital and income preservation needs on an open and direct real time basis.

Our unique consumer friendly, rigorously designed PDA handheld and PC compatible web based personal lifestyle (point and click/non numeric) financial capital planning software application will pinpoint a financial retirement capital shortfall in 5 minutes.The software answers a fundamental question we each have about our personal financial retirement capital, namely,

"Will I be O.K.?"

We are in the business of accelerating the resolution of the demand for lifetime structural financial security among almost 90,000,000 Boomers in North America. The financial product and service solutions to the needs of each unique boomer remains the responsibility of each boomer and their personal financial advisor.


In 1996 life insurance companies in Canada discontinued their support of the lifetime Career distribution channel as a direct consequence of the Ontario provincial legislation passed in that year. The legislation made it unprofitable to invest the time and resources necessary to provide new advisor recruiting, development, professional life insurance training and continuing education for professionals who chose a lifetime career in this field.

Here are the stats:

Fewer than 10% of the 17,000 certified financial planners in Canada are under age 34.The average age of financial advisors in all distribution channels, according to Investment Executive research, is 47. Some estimates place the average age of insurance advisors at 57.

The total number of life insurance members of Advocis, the Canadian life insurance organization responsible for granting professional life insurance designations is approximately 12,000. The maximum number of advisors who are dual licensed having both life insurance industry designations and a Certified Financial Planning designation does not exceed 12,000. The total number of life insurance licensed advisors in Canada is 55,000.

There are 14,000,000 boomers in Canada entering retirement who need Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Estate Preservation Planning professionally trained and qualified advisors.

To accommodate every boomer in Canada the advisors who are fully designated would have to acquire 1,000 new clients each.

The supply logistics are prohibitive under the current distribution conditions. There are simply too few experienced and designated advisors to absorb the massive boomer numbers. To solve the supply problem we are changing the distribution paradigm.


The following is taken from the website of the Canadian Bankers Association:


Consumer Protection Voluntary Commitments and Codes of Conduct.

CBA Code of Conduct for Authorized Insurance Activities.

The Purpose of this Code.

Canadian chartered banks are committed to meeting the insurance needs of their customers by providing them with access to authorized insurance products in a manner that serves customer interests. Banks will ensure that representatives offering these products are knowledgeable, provide clear product disclosure, respect customer privacy and provide prompt investigation of any problems customers may experience.This code sets out the minimum standards that apply to bank representatives who promote authorized insurance products in Canada. The banking industry, through the Canadian Bankers Association, will review this model code from time to time to make sure that it is relevant and up to date.


Bank representatives who promote authorized insurance products are properly trained, qualified and knowledgeable.

Banks are committed to providing continuing education to their representatives on authorized insurance products.



Please visit the above site, click on the video and judge for yourself.


The Financial Standards Planning Council (FPSC) has officially announced changes to its Certified Financial Planner certification program, which will come into effect July 1, 2010. The changes to the CFP certification Program ensure future candidates have access to the most meaningful educational opportunities, practical and relevant work experience and an incremental path for demonstrating competence in applying and integrating the vast array of knowledge required for professional financial planning.

These program changes mark the complete alignment of the CFP certification program with the CFP professional Competency Profile. The Profile recognizes the financial planning profession as practice oriented, and clearly establishes the distinct set of technical knowledge, skills and abilities required of CFP professionals. Rigorous standards apply to: Education, Work Experience and Ethics Requirements.

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"Will I be O.K.?"

A direct answer to this universal financial question posed by Wachovia Securities in the US will supply the information necessary to determine whether our financial position today places us beyond the financial risk of depleting our capital or our income prematurely - no matter what the cause - global market volatility - an unexpected loss of our personal health or the loss of our life.

Traditionally we deal with the accumulation of personal capital in one of two ways - through the use of registered and non-registered assets.


There is a "third asset group" that provides the foundation 'floor' below which our years of effort in accumulating capital cannot be depleted. This term reflects the fact that capital and lifetime income in this third asset group are contractually guaranteed at predetermined levels no matter which of the above unexpected events occur. These are a life insured asset group. They guarantee the maintenance of the capital asset value of our lifetime of personal effort in accumulating both the capital and the income that our capital is capable of producing - no matter what happens in either our global financial environment or to our personal health or our life.

"Although assets are our currency, our only resource is time.

"The third asset group" guarantees the financial value of our time - past, present or future.In a digitally 'wired' real time IT global world we are fully engaged in and committed to providing real time communication and access to applied solutions through our collaborative Professional Practice.

A genuine answer to the simple question at the beginning of this page has been the nucleus of our focus and commitment to professional practice for 30 years.
The 'market' is driven by three instincts - greed - fear - preservation.
Our passion focusses on the lifetime preservation of capital and income.
We are specialists in Advanced Life Insurance Applications and Estate Planning Solutions.


In a world of uncertainty every consumer has a right to have access to financial information that is open and direct and is rigorously simple to acquire and understand.

It must provide a clear answer to our underlying financial concern - "Will I be O.K.?"

The information should provide a rigorously designed personal lifestyle based solution which describes the way in which our expressed needs define the financial planning solution.

It must provide a clear understanding of the relevance of the solution to our unique circumstances.

We offer a comprehensive rigorously designed and compliant financial overview that clarifies the personal basis of the solution and presents alternatives that elaborate on the optimal strategy required by you to accomplish your lifetime financial capital and income preservation goals.

The complexity is kept where it belongs - on the inside of the rigorously designed unique software logic.

The simplicity is yours where it belongs to assist you in making your financial choices clear.

Our simple point and click approach will educate, inform and coach you to a solution within minutes - without fail.

Financial literacy should be a universal right but has existed as a mystery understood by the privileged few.

We have chosen to change the consumer access to information paradigm to suit our contemporary enlightened needs and expressed desire for a simplified lifestyle based financial process.


A simple point and click personal values based process based upon your lifestyle and demographic answers will clarify what immediately available solution choices you should undertake to ensure an answer to the original question "Will I be O.K.?"

You will understand:

  • How your personal attitude toward risk exposure affects your financial solution.
  • How your cash flow impacts on your goal numbers and on product solutions.
  • How your lifestyle uniquely quantifies a product solution that is specifically designed for you.
  • How the time horizon you have for the achievement of your goals impacts upon both the asset mix and product solutions required to cover capital accumulation, capital risk preservation and guaranteed lifetime income.

The solution outcome includes:

  • The duration of solutions
  • The allocation of funds required for both both risk and accumulation
  • The impact of family and business circumstances
  • Both generic and specific product alernative recommendations.T

The short simple process has one objective:To allow you to act at your convenience with confidence.


How do you sell a product for which the need is 100% since we all die and the traditional demand is zero.

You do not sell it.

It requires an act of one on one leadership.

Life insurance is not a transactional commodity. It is a personal values based decision which is achieved only after a successful act of professional engagement. The process of engagement has no purpose other than to offer an opportunity to our marketplace which elicits our best effort in satisfying the most personal and confidential of human needs, instincts, beliefs and values.

The commodity driven financial services industry needs to equip itself with the contemporary real time solutions necessary to deal with the highly personal engagement needs each of us has with regard to this specific subject.
Genuine leadership does not sell.

It engages.

For over 150 years the distribution of life insured financial instruments has failed to insure the majority of those who need it most.
Trust is the linchpin. Trust in the leader.

The conventional sales model has had a conventional model market penetration result.
  • Over 50% of the Canadian marketplace has inadequate life insured protection.
  • 77% of Canadians do not have a personal life insurance advisor that they consider their own.
  • The industry distribution model has never solved the sales model attrition problem except for 1 to 2 companies.
  • The model institutionalized mediocrity.

Our primary focus is to change the dynamics of the process to suit the needs of our contemporary marketplace...well informed...sophisticated in their need for professional advice and wired to receive it in real time.

We need to do much better.

We are doing just that.


The growth of the life insurance industry in Canada is treading water. Its failure to adapt to the realities of our contemporary growing consumer need for professional financial advice has all but stunted its rightful growth.

Nothing less than highly engaging transformational leadership is essential in meeting the extraordinary demands of the boomer (14,000,000 in Canada and 76,000,000 in the US) and broad middle income as well as the other traditional sectors.

The industry must retool or perish. We believe unequivocally in the unique role insured financial instruments play in the assurance of personal financial dignity in each of our lives.

We are in the experiential marketing business not the financial products selling business.

Our ability to bring a realtime answer to the financial question we each have, namely, "Will I be O.K.?" will determine our future sustainable competitive advantage.
We are bringing our industry leadership to help create a solution to this fundamental economic need.

How, when, and where will this enormous advisor group be put into place?

The need is now and we have lost 12 years of preparation time.



How do you meet the ongoing longterm advisory needs of a professional practice life insurance clientele once the principal decides or needs to retire?

How do you meet these needs when there have been few new entrants recruited to the life insurance industry since 1996?

How do you compete to attract the available professionals when there are 14,000,000 boomers, their children and parents who are going through the largest financial transfer of wealth in history?

It takes more than a decision to look after these pivotal issues when the time comes.

Succession does not take place without highly trained, professionally competent advisors who are available and easily identifiable in sufficient numbers to satisfy the demanding needs of these enormous demographic sectors. They must be willing to enter a succession agreement with the principal of a professional life insurance practice and above all be welcome as a successor to the longterm clients of the principal.

Products are replaceable. Longterm trust professional relationships are not. They are earned over time and not easily transferable.They will be attracted to a practice which has a viable, compatible client base and a solution to the need to generate new business in an industry where the need is 100% and the demand is zero.

The creation of new business requires an integrative solution that includes product, distribution and fully trained, competent intellectual advisor capital.
The use of real time /media based interactive IT communication is the final piece in the solution.

We are doing just that.


The solution to the needs of 14,000,000 boomers in Canada requires the integration of 4 elements, namely, products, distribution, competently trained and highlt competent intellectual capital i.e. designated advisors and real time IT/media based, highly interactive communication competence.

The boomers and their children are wired and ready.

The Canadian life insurance industry is competent and creative in the design and production of contemporary products. The Canadian banking industry has exceptional distribution, namely, a nation wide distribution channel that includes over 6,000 bank branches and other delivery channels and the Canadian life insurance has a nation wide network of licensed life insurance advisors.

We believe that the solution to the boomer/middle income life insurance needs can only arise out of the integration of the best in each of our highly successful and in many ways exemplary Canadian financial institutions. It requires the integration of the best not the worst. A fully operational platform already exists with RBC.

Banking is transactional except for the wealth management sector. Insurance is both transactional and relationship driven. The boomer sector requires advice obtained through trust relationships. This need is and has always been the toughest need to fulfill through our conventional existing platforms. It has been abandoned by the life industry as a direct result of the change in the Ontario legistation governing the independence of life insurance advisors. No one sector has the solution. The Banks and the life industry together do. Integration can only succeed if the absolute focus is on the needs of the enormous market sectors whose well being is at stake.

One other entity that would prefer to see a solution is the government of Canada. If our banking and life institutions fail to solve the needs of this very vital economic group the government will be forced to find their own solution. If they do, an integrated solution might look very attractive except to the practitioners.

Finally, if the Federal Government has to bail out the boomers in their need for retirement capital given the debt load both Canada and the US are now projecting the Feds in both countries will be hard pressed to add billions of dollars to their social spending budgets such as OAS.

They simply can't.

Finally the IT means of communicating efficiently in real time is here and being used extensively by the sector most at risk.

The distribution/advisory/communication solutions are in place.

We are executing our plan of action.

Our viewpoint is best described by the following analogy:

You know the cup, "1/2 full - 1/2 empty".

There is a 3rd option:


We believe that in the delivery of financial services that the life insurance industry, its products, distribution and client services must be held to the same academic, training and continuing education standards as are practiced by the traditional professions, namely, Medicine, Law, Accounting and Professional Engineering. Next to our personal health our financial health ranks as an essential need in each of our lives. We live in a "Money Economy". Its comprehension, accumulation, retention, preservation and balanced use are essential in fulfilling a healthy personal life. In the delivery of these services every financial advisor is entrusted with the same standard and duty of client care expected of those who practice in the traditional professional disciplines.

The following process is our key to the delivery of the standard of professional practice excellence we expect:

Real time information >> timely open and direct communication >> clarity >> due diligence >> client centred needs based analysis >> collaborative multi-disciplinary interdependent professional practice >> innovation >> transparency >> continuous improvementt >> optimal solutions >> exponential results >> accountability >> unconditional client satisfaction




We are in the business of assuring the provision of Lifetime Lifestyle Protection in response to our clients' key financial concern......."Will I be OK?"

Our focus is the creation, management, preservation and distribution of lifetime capital and income.

"Although assets are our currency, our only resource is time."

Estate planning is complex emotionally, intellectually and pragmatically.

Our approach is uplifting. Our highly interactive and dynamic lifestyle planning process is uniquely about you.....your wants....your changing lifetime needs....and your future expectations.

We preserve the capital and income value of "time".

Time is a finite, measureable exponential risk........ and invaluable.

The management of capital risk through Professional Practice is our discipline and the fundamental basis of all client centred decisions.

We serve as a collaborative trusted life planning advisor on behalf of our clients acting interdependently with all other members of the advisory team.

Our competitive advantage rests in our collaboratively integrative team thinking and our disciplined contract execution environment.

Our principal objective is the empowerment of those for whom we are responsible.


Our purpose is an understanding of client centred life and financial needs.

Our solution is state-of-the-art life planning, process driven client empowerment applications.

The linchpin in all complex decision making is the quality of real time information available.

Acting upon financial advice with complete confidence is an act of consummate trust.

The key to a successful result begins with the choice of a professional advisor.

Begin with credentials which demonstrate a willingness to pay the price for professional competence through a commitment to formal training and continuing professional education.

Interview your advisor candidate for transparency, integrity and experience directly related to your interests.

Ask for references.In the delivery of complex information and knowledge services through a professional practice trust is paramount.......trust is the linchpin.

Through our practice we are committed to making the choice of a financial advisor in whom there is both confidence and trust uplifting.Our committment to these objectives is unconditional.


In the delivery of complex knowledge and information through our professional practice it is a core operating principle that our team members engage in a fully interdependent, collaborative, optimal understanding and diagnosis of and solution to the unique needs and expectations of our clients. Our process is based entirely upon integrative thinking. We seek answers that are available not simply at the 'either or' outer edges of the solutions spectrum but rather those that optimally integrate the unique benefits contained in each of those extreme views into a balanced client centred solution.


In a 24/7 globally wired world we are fully committed to the use of information technology which allows us to communicate interactively in real time with our clients and colleagues via voice, electronic mail, text, web based and multi media communications applications. Timely collaborative real time interactive communication in a wired world is a key factor among others in creating competitive advantage. Our style is open and direct.


We provide our clients with a multi - disciplinary collaborative team of high performance financial services professionals whose practice is a collaborative integrative strategic partnership.

Our process in solving the current and lifetime client centred financial lifestyle planning needs of our clients includes the disciplined application of due diligence within a highly interactive, graphic, intelligence software based, real time discovery of all priority issues, needs and expectations............the financial diagnostic analysis equivalent of an MRI.

The application of our state-of-the-art interactive, comprehensive client centred planning process is central to our commitment to client empowerment.

We will guide you through complex decisions in managing your evolving lifestyle planning needs through our collaborative process of high performance needs based solutions coaching.

Given the complexities and interpersonal dynamics that can arise in meeting family, business and professional needs our use of a collaborative professional interactive planning process includes highly trained specialists in a wide spectrum of estate, legal, accounting, tax, strategic business planning and IT applications disciplines.

Through our use of a Broad Concept approach to life and estate planning we pay particular attention to the impact of family and business interpersonal dynamics on the planning process.


We are a collaborative, interdependent Chartered Financial consulting practice.
We provide comprehensive life, financial, estate, personal, business & retirement planning.

Our specialties include:

*client centred life planning
*personal, business and estate planning
*capital risk management*business succession planning
*intergenerational estate transfer planning
*employee benefits planning
*retirement planning

We use a Broad Concept approach to the intervention, mediation and resolution of complex business succession, estate, family and personal needs and intergenerational estate transfer requests.

***Life Planning vests control in our client.
***Financial Planning vests control in the financial market.
***The Broad concept optimizes the use of both.

We move our clients from a traditional LIFESTYLE CYCLE, wherein wealth can never be built because money that comes in goes right out again to support perishable, one-time use consumption to a WEALTH CYCLE, wherein money coming in supports assets - that is, revenue-generating resources - that will generate cash flow and create wealth.




LifeDisability Income (DI)
Critical Illness (CI)
Long Term Care (LTC)
Health and Welfare Trusts (HWT)


Mutual Funds
Segregated funds


Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)
Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF)
Life Income Funds (LIFS)
Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
Retirement Compensation Plans (RCA)


Group Benefit Plans
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Group Disability Insurance


Institutionally ManagedPrivate Client Managed

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Daniel H. Zwicker, Principal

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[ l ][Specialists in Advanced Life Insurance Applications and Estate Planning, Marketing Solutions and high performance capital risk management professional practice development, marketing,distribution and execution].

**Professional Practice
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[ 2 ][Fully integrated implementation of exponential global distribution growth through eEnterprise real time interactive graphic media based, collaborative, professional best practices, interdependent, financial services productivity and compliance marketing distribution platforms.]

[ 3 ][Deployed Professional Productivity and Compliance Management Systems through Professional Best Practices, Client Centred Financial Life Needs Analysis software and Multi Media Real Time Communication web based platforms designed for Life Insurance and Financial Services Producers and Agents and their respective Producer Group Companies. These CPU and web based digital solutions accelerate the productivity and regulatory compliance of both Agents and independent Producers and their respective financial services product providers to ensure that they optimize their potential for ongoing success. The suite of solutions includes: Life Insurance Financial Needs Analysis sales productivity and compliance software including solutions alternatives, intra corporate real time multi media communication, corporate/educational networking and sales force compliance applications

These products and services have been implemented as a catalyst for empowering financial services advisors and partners with the technical assets and execution capabilities required to facilitate strategic exponential growth. Traditional financial services 'bricks and mortar' career infrastructures and current MGA/Broker channels are being replaced with real time, web based globally competitive IT/Media based / eCommerce fully collaborative / integrative hybrid platforms which integrate the best of both the career and MGA/Broker distribution systems.]



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