Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We are identifying and bringing our best and brightest professional practice financial advisors in Canada together in a collaborative initiative to change the financial advisor access paradigm from its past status to a contemporary real time consumer sensitive delivery alternative.

These professionally dedicated, competent and genuine individuals will be at the receiving end of real time interactive communication media including direct calls, email, text mail, conventional mail and other web based requests for answers and solutions to the fundamental question we each have about our financial future and that of those for whom we are responsible.....

"Will I be O.K.?"

These professionals will provide the answers for our boomers, their children, their parents as well those in all other sectors of our economy who have not had an opportunity to develop a long term trust relationship with a financial professional on a par with the trust relationship they have with their own personal physician. Our dedicated physicians provide us with access to the dignity we experience with good health.

Our dedicated professional financial advisors provide us with access to the dignity we experience in being financially independent. We are each entitled to experience nothing less. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to experience these benefits in our own lives and to have assisted others in achieving the same benefits in their lives for over 31 years.

The financial services sector is moving through a transition from product promotion to the delivery of impartial professional practice advice. It has been ongoing for over 12 years. We are acting as a catalyst to accelerate the process so that the benefits of the professional financial advice that we have experienced and delivered can be extended to the large demographic groups whose need for such advice can be met.

We believe that it is of vital financial importance to all Canadians that we accelerate the availability of innovative real time contemporary direct access to experienced financial services professional practitioners. If such direct access is left unresolved it will impede the retirement aspirations of 14,000,000 boomers as well as having a collateral impact on the financial retirement results of all other consumer sectors in Canada as well as an impact on the resources of tthe Government of Canada's financial resouces that may become nessary to supplement any retiement shortfalls in this very large demographic group.

We are committed to facilitating the structural market resolution of the extraordinary demand being presented by the boomers in North America to those professional practitioners and their financial institutions who are best prepared to act in the financial security interests of this unique generation and their families.

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