Sunday, October 23, 2011


When a financial services professional moves from professional product sales to professional financial advice the financial advisory role becomes that of a fiduciary.

As a fiduciary, a track record of professional competence which includes character, integrity of purpose, ethical choice in every facet of financial decision making, unbiased client advice and a framework of practice management within an client centric focus is the de facto standard of professional practice. This standard is essential in ‘Raising The Bar’ from a transactional to a fiduciary level of practice..

In Great Britain, Australia and the US the financial services regulatory bodies are at various stages of implementing the legislation which will make a professional financial advisor’s fiduciary role a professionally legal responsibility.

Canada will follow.

It will have a profound impact on the delivery of professional financial services to the Canadian public.

When we seek advice on highly personal matters such as health, the law and finance the advisor/client relationship is one of mutual trust. It is values based. Trust is earned – not sold.

Whether a client wishes to acquire products or advice or both is a personal decision – for each client to make.

The financial services professional must be professionally prepared to deliver what each client needs, wants and expects.

14,000,000 boomers who are going through various stages of retirement for the next 18 years will need and expect nothing less than full confidence in the trust relationship they develop with their professional financial advisors.

Canadian financial professionals are quite capable of delivering.

Dan Zwicker
Toronto, Canada

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Daniel H. Zwicker, Principal
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Financial Practitioner Designations

CLU - Chartered Life Underwriter

For more than 80 years, the CLU designation has been widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the industry. The Chartered Life Underwriter is a professional financial advisor specializing in developing effective solutions for individuals, business owners and professionals in the areas of income replacement, risk management, estate planning, and wealth transfer.

CH.F.C - Chartered Financial Consultant

A Chartered Financial Consultant is a financial advisor with advanced knowledge in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. An advisor with a CH.F.C. is an expert in retirement planning and capital accumulation strategies.

CFP - Certified Financial Planner

The Certified Financial Planner designation is an internationally recognized standard for financial planning. It is granted by the Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC). An advisor with a CFP may help you with personal financial planning and offer advice on investment products and strategies.

ONLINE REFERENCES: (Advocis), (The Institute for Advanced Financial Education) (Financial Planners Standards Council) (Independent Financial Brokers of Canada) Engineers Ontario)

Capital Risk Management
‘Raising The Bar’

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BEYOND RISK - FREEDOM AT 45 - 55 - 65 - 75 - 85 - 95?? - AT ALL OF THE ABOVE AGES - TO AGE 95 & BEYOND

Money is about freedom.

The criteria for freedom are:

  • Lifetime sustainable Health

  • Lifetime sustainable income
Everthing else is negotiable.

Beyond Risk is about people and their views on money....borne of over 30 years of front line experience and engagement in the arena of exponential corporate growth through financial practice building under 'fire' in a lifetime passion......the assuring of the financial value of our allow for the completion of our personal and business financial objectives. It is about character, integrity, people and their often complex and conflicting attitudes towards money.....its accumulation.....its preservation and its utility. It is about the leadership of high performance professionals who are committed to managing the capital risk and the lifetime financial well being of their families, business associates and clients. It is about coaching 'Olympian' class high performance empowerment. Above all it is about ethical choice in every facet of decision making and execution. It is remarkable that of all the basic life skill related subjects that we include in our children's early curriculum financial literacy is not one of them.......given that we live in a money economy.

It is said that we each have a "Money Personality".

Nothing could be more accurate and more life defining.

Dan Zwicker