Monday, June 8, 2009


How do you sell a product for which the need is 100% since we all die and the traditional demand is zero.

You do not sell it.

It requires an act of one on one leadership.

Life insurance is not a transactional commodity. It is a personal values based decision which is achieved only after a successful act of professional engagement. The process of engagement has no purpose other than to offer an opportunity to our marketplace which elicits our best effort in satisfying the most personal and confidential of human needs, instincts, beliefs and values.

The commodity driven financial services industry needs to equip itself with the contemporary real time solutions necessary to deal with the highly personal engagement needs each of us has with regard to this specific subject.
Genuine leadership does not sell.

It engages.

For over 150 years the distribution of life insured financial instruments has failed to insure the majority of those who need it most.
Trust is the linchpin. Trust in the leader.

The conventional sales model has had a conventional model market penetration result.
  • Over 50% of the Canadian marketplace has inadequate life insured protection.
  • 77% of Canadians do not have a personal life insurance advisor that they consider their own.
  • The industry distribution model has never solved the sales model attrition problem except for 1 to 2 companies.
  • The model institutionalized mediocrity.

Our primary focus is to change the dynamics of the process to suit the needs of our contemporary marketplace...well informed...sophisticated in their need for professional advice and wired to receive it in real time.

We need to do much better.

We are doing just that.

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