Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The boomer demographic has been conditioned to acquire whatever it wants - today.

Debt is the prevalent tool.

A sad part of the denial is the belief that markets move only up and to the right. ("I have time to pay it off").

"Paying it off" and saving concurrently are not likely. Health and economic contingencies get in the way.

As we know markets drop down and to the right unpredictably and precipitously

If you are a 47 - 65 year old and 40% of your lifetime accumulation disappears overnight the irreplaceable resource is time.

14,000,000 Canadians are in this demograhic age range - our boomers.

"I have enough time to make it up" is simply not true - certainly not if your focus is "Freedom at 55". Freedom at 70 is more likely.

The good news is that there are solutions and professional financial advisors who can help.

The difficult news is that they are in very short supply and most boomers do not have direct real time access to them.

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Dan Zwicker
Toronto, Canada.

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